Yukon Solitaire

Yukon solitaire is a strategic game of patience that adjusts the familiar solitaire format to make it a bit more challenging. 

Starting with a single deck arranged into seven rows, but discarding the stock pile entirely, you’ll be setting this game up much like its traditional counterpart.

We’ll be covering how exactly to do this in the following article, and providing you with some exciting variations Yukon has of its own.

But before you go and reach for a deck to play Yukon solitaire online, we do all the setting up for you, allowing you to jump straight into a game completely for free. You can get started right here on our website!

Introduction to Yukon Solitaire

Yukon solitaire is a variation of Klondike, which is seen by many as the classic format of solitaire as popularized by the Microsoft application. 

Those familiar with these terms outside the world of patience games might have already made the connection between their names. Klondike is a region of the state of Yukon within Canada, one famed for its snow capped peaks, alpine lakes and a gold rush at the turn of the 20th century. We can surmise that Yukon solitaire got its name because of this relationship. 

More broadly, solitaire refers to a set of patience games (games wherein a shuffled deck of cards must be rearranged by the player in a particular order) which can be played by a single person. Solitaire comes from the French for solitary. 

These aren’t the only terms you’ll need to know to get started with Yukon. With games of patience, it’s often helpful to have a grasp on what’s what exactly, as this will allow you to switch between variants just by a quick skim of the rules. 

But if you already know what you’re doing, you can find a free Yukon solitaire game download here on our website.

Yukon Solitaire Terms

Yukon Solitaire Rules

The rules of Yukon are largely similar to Klondike or classic solitaire but with some particular differences:

Types of Yukon Solitaire

There are an endless number of patience games, a natural result of the format’s long history, which stretches back to the 18th century. And in any of these games, there’s an endless number of variations within them. 

Yukon is no exception, and whether Russian, double, Alaskan or classic, you can get started right away with any of the Yukon solitaire online free games available in our collection.

Russian Yukon Solitaire

Russian Yukon is set up in an identical way to regular Yukon, but with one slight difference: you can only build runs if they are of the same suit, in a vein similar to spider or scorpion. In this way, it’s a more challenging variation of the format as there are fewer possible moves.

Double Yukon Solitaire Free

Double Yukon is a variation of Yukon that employs two decks of cards. In order to accommodate the extra fifty-two, there are a few changes that have to be made to the tableau. Naturally, you’ll also be employing eight foundations, one for each suit of the two decks.

First of all, you’ll have to deal your deck into ten piles of cards instead of seven. Your first pile will feature five rows of uncovered cards. Your second, one covered card, followed by six uncovered ones. 

Your third, two covered cards followed by six uncovered ones. Your fourth, three covered cards followed by six uncovered ones. Continue adding a covered card to each pile followed by six uncovered ones until you’ve reached the tenth pile, which will have nine covered cards. 

From then on, the rules will be the same as classic Yukon solitaire, though the game typically takes a little longer to complete as there are more moves to consider. 

How to Play

Now that we have a grasp of the rules and the correct terminology, let’s actually get to playing. The following section will show you how to set up your game, and provide you with some strategies to help you to excel at it.

Yukon Solitaire Setup

Yukon has an interesting setup of covered and uncovered cards, related to the fact that you’re using an entire deck. 

Naturally, when you start your free online Yukon solitaire game on our website, this is done for you. If you have a physical deck of cards, here’s how you can get to setting them up.

Starting the Game

Now that your cards are set up, you’ll be able to start making your moves. There are two things to consider here:

As mentioned in the rules above, any card can be moved around the tableau so long as it follows three conditions:

The foundations start with an ace and ascend to a king. There are four foundations, one for each suit. As such, cards can only be moved onto the foundations if they are either an ace, or a card of the same suit and the direct rank above the previously moved card.

Best Strategy to Play

For someone unfamiliar with solitaire games, it might seem that there’s a great deal of luck involved when it comes to who wins and who loses.

It is true that the hand you’re dealt can be favorable or unfavorable to you. For instance, you might have existing runs already dealt into the tableau. 

But a player can still make plenty of strategic decisions to bring about a winning finish, and in fewer moves than their previous attempt. Some top tips to refine your solitaire game are as follows.


Yukon solitaire is a slightly more challenging variation of Klondike, owing to the fact that you have no stock to deal from. But with that in mind, it is therefore more strategic. Knowing that you have more uncovered cards allows you to plan ahead better, with less reliance on luck.

If you’re looking for a Yukon solitaire free download, or a chance to simply play it in your browser, you can find plenty of amazing solitaire games right here on our website. We hope you have everything you need to get started!