Solitaire 12 Games

Online solitaire is a widely loved game due it’s simplicity and availability. You may play 12 games of solitaire – all different, but the aim is always to get rid of all the cards by building the deck up according to the suits on the table.

If you want to play solitaire – 12 free games, and more, are always available for you here on our website. Now let’s take a look at them and make you ready to play 12 games of solitaire.

Solitaire – 12 Online Games

Once you are familiar with the original solitaire rules, playing online solitaire 12 games of solitaire online will be easy as they all follow the same format. 

Now before you play 12 games of solitaire, let’s look at what these games are all about.

This is the classic version of solitaire which everyone knows, with the legendary cascading layout. To win, you try to stack the cards to build sequences and ultimately to move all the cards to the foundation piles.

Also known as Solitaire 13. The cards are arranged in a pyramid and the player needs to remove them from the pyramid in pairs that add up to 13.

Played with two decks of cards, the aim of this game is to create full sequences of same-suit cards in the tableau. Only a finished sequence can be removed to the foundation pile.

Known is known as being one the easiest solitaire games to solve, and cards are dealt faced up from the start and the player has four free cells where they can temporarily store cards.

The tableau is arranged into three peaks and the aim is to put them all into the discard pile by placing cards one card higher or lower than the top card on the discard pile.

A two-deck version of solitaire which required you to build 8 rather than 8 decks. The cards are face up, but you can only put stack cards of the same suit.

A twist on Klondike, follows the same rules except players deal all cards at the start and cards can be moved even if the stack is not a descending numerical sequence. 

Each foundation is one of the suits and start with a card of random rank. You must place all 13 of the suit cards from that card in ascending order to win.

Using one deck, you are trying to build the suits downwards from king to ace right on the tableau before removing them to the foundation piles.

With two mixed decks, the cards are dealt into the piles forming an arc – hence the name.

One of the quickest ways to play, where you only play with four column of cards all placed face up. 

As the name suggests, this type reflects ten-pin bowling. The aim is to knock down the pin cards using the ball which is seen as the first card in the pile. This can be achieved in three ways: a card of the same value, two or more pin cards being equal, or the last digit of the pin cards being equal to the ball card.


Now, with these brief descriptions we hope that you are now ready to play 12 games of solitaire online. With so many different variations, it’s no wonder why so many people enjoy playing. There is a style of solitaire for every preference and occasion, simply find it online to play. If you’re into solitaire, play online 12 solitaire games here.


How can I play 12 games of solitaire online?

Easy! All you have to do is search the solitaire game you wish to play and many options will pop up.

What is the best solitaire game to play online?

With over 12 solitaire games to choose from it’s all up to you! Our personal recommendation would be Spider, as it is popular and not too complicated.

Why are solitaire games so popular?

Solitaire is a great brain game which you only need yourself and a device with internet connection to play! If you want to try each yourself, play 12 games of solitaire online.