Introduction to Scorpion Solitaire 

Scorpion solitaire is another exciting addition to our patience game cannon. A true solitaire is a fun, strategic game that starts off with more cards revealed from the outset, giving you greater freedom to plan ahead. But be careful, there are still plenty of opportunities to make a dangerous mistake!

In this article, we’ll teach you how to set up a game of scorpion, how to play (in accordance with its various rules), and how to win – with some excellent top tips. 

If you already know what it takes to get to grips with scorpion solitaire and simply want to get playing, you can find free scorpion solitaire games ready to play right here on our website.

The Goal of Scorpion Solitaire

Before you start playing scorpion solitaire free online, it’s best to know how to win! The goals are simple, taking the ‘foundations’ of Klondike solitaire and approaching them with a slight twist.

In short, the goal of scorpion solitaire is to take 52 shuffled cards and rearrange them back into order, by making four foundations (one from each suit) that run from king down to ace.

In order to explain that further, we’re going to need to do a quick rundown on some of the terminology. If you’re new to patience games, you might not have heard the term Klondike before, it’s simply another name for the ‘classic’ type of solitaire popularized in the nineties by Microsoft. 

Klondike usually features seven piles of cards on the table, with the ultimate goal of moving these cards to create four new piles; each of a single suit and ascending from ace to king. These four plies are what we refer to as the foundations. Once you’ve completed all your foundations, you’ve won the game.

Scorpion solitaire has the same objective, but in reverse. Your foundations will still have to be of one suit each, but running in descending order from king to ace. Also unlike classic solitaire, you’ll be preparing them directly on the tableau. What’s a tableau? Let’s take a glance at our glossary.

Scorpion Solitaire Terms

Scorpion Solitaire Rules

With these terms understood, we can go over the particular rules of scorpion solitaire. 

Layout for a Scorpion Solitaire Free Game

As we referenced in our introduction, part of what makes scorpion such an exciting, strategic game is the fact that you can see the suit and rank of so many of the cards to begin with, and plot your moves accordingly. 

The layout employs an entire deck of cards, fielded onto seven piles of seven cards each to make up your tableau. The amount of cards turned over is unique and varies by column. Here’s a brief guide to setting up. 

As with all solitaire games, we’d advise you do this on a flat surface that allows for plenty of space if possible. Of course, when you play scorpion solitaire online, we do all the setting up for you!

Strategy for Free Scorpion Solitaire Card Game

All solitaire games are about freeing up those hidden cards so you are able to complete the foundations. A traditional game of Klondike will have four components to consider:

With scorpion solitaire, all the action is going to take place on the tableau. You have to plan your moves with a specific focus on creating runs of cards and moving them around in order to free up those table-facing cards. You’ll also be relying far less on your draw pile, as there are only three cards available for you to use.

Quick Instructions

While we consider all that larger context to be important for a beginner, we thought we’d put together a series of quick instructions for those more familiar with games of patience. Here’s a quick guide to play scorpion solitaire online free and with a physical deck. 

Scorpion solitaire – Play Free Online

Scorpion Solitaire – A Quick Setup with Cards

Tips to Win Scorpion Solitaire

Summing Up: What Is Scorpion Solitaire?

Scorpion solitaire is a relatively unique patience game, with its small draw pile and number of available cards. 

Patience games simply refer to card games where the aim is to return a shuffled deck of cards into the pack in a particular order. They were historically used to pass the time during courtly life, and as such many can be played solo. When personal computers and the internet arrived, they were transmuted onto our screens for similar reasons.

It’s the single player variants of such games which have led to the genre of ‘solitaires’, from the French word for solitary. Though nowadays, the two terms are used interchangeably, with ‘solitaire’ being preferred by American English speakers and ‘patience’ being opted for on the other English speaking side of the Atlantic. 

Scorpion solitaire is one of many patience games. We’re not quite sure on the etymology – where the name ‘scorpion’ comes from – but we can guess that it’s a reference to the similar game of spider (though spider features two decks and eight foundations, alluding to a spider's eight legs). In practice, the game is more similar to Yukon, as it features only one deck and uses an irregular layout for the number of available cards. 

Scorpion solitaire is also seen as a generally more difficult solitaire variant, so perhaps its name is also a reference to the generally more venomous arachnid.


In conclusion, scorpion is a challenging, exciting and simple to set up solitaire variant, relying on just one deck and a lot of flexibility when it comes to movement. 

You can dive straight into a game through the magic of online play. Our scorpion solitaire is pre-set and ready for you to make your first move, or put into action a grand plan. Just try not to get stung!