Golf Solitaire

Golf solitaire is one of the many versions of the worldwide popular card game of solitaire. Card games, especially solitaire, have always been popular, but there are some types of them that have such a worldwide reach that hardly anyone hasn’t heard of them. Golf solitaire is one of them. Its simplicity is the reason for the game’s popularity because it lends itself to being played anywhere and everywhere by oneself, making it the perfect way to spend your free time. Golf solitaire is easily accessible as it doesn’t require an actual deck of cards to be played online. You can if want to, however nowadays most people play Golf solitaire online whether that is through an app on their phone or online through the browser.

In this article, we are going to delve into the topic of Golf solitaire in detail. We will outline what Golf solitaire is, what the rules are, how to play it online and more.

Introduction to Golf Solitaire

Golf solitaire is a fun but challenging online variation of the classic game of solitaire. Not unlike Klondike, which is the most popular version of solitaire, Golf solitaire utilises a deck of 52 standard playing cards. The name ‘Golf solitaire’ comes from the fact that, much like in golf, players most often play for the lowest score. The game’s rules are very simple which lets players learn quickly how to play Golf solitaire online. However, the challenging aspect comes from the fact that it is not easy to win. So, if you prefer games that are easier to win you might want to check out easy Golf solitaire which is a version of the online game that allows the player to place a king onto an ace and vice versa. That in turn makes the game that much easier to win.

Golf Solitaire: An Overview

We will now take a closer look at the whole game and what it consists of. At the start of the game, there are seven columns with five cards each which are facing up for a total of 35 cards. One card is dealt face-up into the foundation while the rest of the remaining cards (16 cards) are placed face-down in a pile which is known as the stock pile.

During the course of the online Golf solitaire game, only the bottommost card in each pile is available. The player is able to move an exposed card onto the foundation at any point in the game so long as the card is either next to or prior in rank to the current top foundation card. The process then continues with the new foundation top card.

A challenge that most players face is that this online game does not allow for ranks to be wrapped, which means that a player is not able to place an ace onto a king or a king onto an ace. However, if a player has opted to play the easy online version of Golf solitaire, then wrapping is allowed.

When a player has reached the point at which they no longer can or want to move any more cards from the piles onto the foundation, then they must go to the stock pile in order to deal a new top foundation card. This gives the player another opportunity to take cards from the piles and place them on the foundation.

This process continues until the player is left with no cards in the piles in which case the game is won, or in such case where the stock pile is empty and there are no more cards that can be removed from the piles which means the online Golf solitaire game is lost since the stock pile only allows for one pass.

Golf Solitaire Rules

As with any card game you need to be familiar with the rules before you start playing if you want to have a chance of winning. The most common version of solitaire, which is Klondike, has very simple and easy rules to follow. Golf solitaire being just a different version of the same game has rules that are equally as easy to remember and understand in order to play the game. The rules are as follows:

Tips for Playing Golf Solitaire Online

As with any game, there are ways that one might consider when playing Golf solitaire if one wants to win the game. There are several tips that a player can utilise in order to complete the game of Golf solitaire. We are going to detail three tips which can be used to excel in online Golf solitaire.

This is an important bit of information to remember. Aces can only be discarded onto twos. Therefore, before you start the game you should try to find out how many aces and how many twos are in the layout and plan accordingly. You will want to have the aces available when the twos  are as well as you will want to have enough twos for all of your aces. That is why you shouldn’t waste the twos by discarding too many threes onto them.

This tip is similar to the first one, but it is more challenging. Just like with the aces and the twos, you need to be careful with the kings because you can’t discard anything onto a king. Therefore, a player can only discard kings on top of queens, and queens on top of jacks. These cards need to be managed carefully.

Before a player discards their last six, they should see how many sevens and eights they have. If there are sevens, however, there are no eights, and the player risks stranding the sevens. In the exact same way, players should follow this tip when it comes to fours and fives.

Fun Facts about Golf Solitaire

Most of the time with games like these we don’t really consider when they originated or how they came about. We just know they exist, and that people play them all the time. However, some people might be interested in learning more about the background of Golf solitaire and all the little bits of interesting information that come with that. Here are some fun facets about Golf solitaire you might find interesting.

Golf Solitaire Pro: How to Play

Golf Solitaire Pro is an online version of the famous card game with a slight twist. This online Golf solitaire game is played similarly to Tripeaks in the sense that cards can be removed from the layout if they are one rank higher or lower than the visible deck card shown at the bottom. There is a slight difference from the classic Golf solitaire because the ace is both high and low, and either a two or a king can be played on it.

Another interesting thing about online Golf Solitaire Pro is that the player can use wild cards at any point in the online game and absolutely any card can be placed on them. An added aspect of this online game that makes it popular with a lot of people is that you can use the undo button to peek under the deck cards at the bottom. This can help you by allowing you to work out what course you can take to remove the most cards from the layout.

The goal of this online Golf solitaire is to try and win as many rounds as you can by removing all the cards.

Strategy for Winning

As in most games of any kind the player needs to have a good strategy if they want to win it. Online Golf solitaire is no different. So, if you want to win in Golf solitaire whether you’re playing with an actual deck of cards or playing online Golf solitaire, you will need to think of a good strategy before you start the game. We will further outline some important strategy tips to keep in mind when playing Golf solitaire online.

In every game of solitaire, the player needs to uncover new cards. In Golf solitaire, it is especially important to concentrate on uncovering aces and twos, jacks, queens, and kings. These cards can prove difficult to move therefore, you should make sure you’re ready to move them when the opportunity presents itself.

A good tip to always keep in mind is that empty piles are useless. A player should always aim to discard from longer piles first unless there is absolutely no other option. Seeing as an empty pile is useless, you shouldn’t discard the last card from a pile until you have to.


This article took a closer look at what the game of Golf solitaire is as well as all the information one might need to know in order to play it online. With the tips and strategies outlined everyone can start playing right this minute regardless of how often they have played cards in the past or if they played at all. Golf solitaire is so easily accessible to anyone, and you don’t require any card-playing skills to excel in it.

So, all in all, if you have ever been stuck somewhere waiting for something and thought to yourself you could be doing something fun to pass the time, the answer has been ‘Golf solitaire’ all along. And not just in cases where you’re waiting and want the time to pass quicker, but also if you just want to spend some of your time in a nice, non-stressful way, then Golf solitaire is the perfect online activity for you. For the more technologically inclined, there is the opportunity for free Golf solitaire card games for download which can come quite in handy when you are somewhere where you might not be able to utilise an actual deck of cards but have access to your phone or tablet. However, there are also websites that offer online free Golf solitaire no download needed where you can still play on your phone or tablet through the browser. But if you are a bit more traditional and prefer playing Golf solitaire with an actual deck of cards then this can still be the perfect way for you to spend your time. That is why you shouldn’t hesitate to try it out. The next time you have some free time and want to spend it in a relaxing manner without the worries of everyday life go and play Golf solitaire free online now.