Dragon Solitaire

Dragon Solitaire: A Guide to Playing and Winning

Dragon solitaire is a fascinating variation of Chinese solitaire, where players aim to build sequences in the same suit. To master this engaging and strategic game, it's essential to understand its core components and objectives. This way, you can defeat the solitaire dragon in its lair playing this fun game!

How to Play Dragon Solitaire


The foundation is composed of four empty piles, with the following rules:


Here are the main points to consider when dealing with the reserve:


The tableau consists of seven piles with a custom number of cards dealt to them. Keep in mind these essential characteristics and rules:

Strategies for Winning

Dragon solitaire is an enjoyable yet challenging game that requires a combination of skill, strategy, and a dash of luck. To increase your chances of winning, consider implementing the following strategies.

Solitaire Dragons Online: Fun for Solitaire Fans

If all this talk of dragons has conjured up images of these mythical and mystical creatures, then you should explore the online Dragon solitaire game.

This Dragon solitaire game is more challenging than classic Klondike solitaire, so its rules differ. Some websites play off the game’s name and add the visually-impressive dragon theme to their design.


While this type of Solitaire can be challenging to master, with patience and persistence, you will better understand the game's nuances and improve your winning chances. Don't be discouraged by initial failures; remember that practice makes perfect, especially in the world of Dragon solitaire.