Double Klondike Solitaire

Double Klondike solitaire is a popular variation of the classic card game Klondike solitaire. This exciting and challenging game is perfect for those who love the original Klondike and want to try something new. In this article, we will discuss how to play Double Klondike solitaire, its rules, winning strategies, types, and frequently asked questions related to this fun and engaging pastime.

How to Play Double Klondike Solitaire

Klondike Double Solitaire, is played with two standard decks of cards, totalling 104 cards. The objective of the Double Klondike solitaire is to build eight foundation piles, separated by suit, from aces to kings.

To set up Double Klondike solitaire, shuffle the two decks together and deal the tableau. The tableau consists of nine columns of cards, with the first column containing one card, the second column containing two cards, and so on, until the ninth column with nine cards. The top card in each column is dealt face-up, and the remaining cards are dealt face-down. The remaining cards are placed face-down to form the stockpile.

During the game, players will move cards between columns, the stockpile, and the foundation piles. The rules for moving cards are similar to those of the original game, with some adjustments to accommodate the double deck.

Rules of Double Klondike Solitaire

  1. Cards can be moved between columns if they are one rank lower and of the opposite colour. For example, a black 6 can be placed on a red 7.
  2. If a face-down card in a column becomes exposed, turn it face-up.
  3. An empty column can be filled with a king or a sequence of descending cards of alternating colours starting with a king.
  4. The stockpile can be turned over one or three cards at a time, and the top card can be played on the tableau or foundation piles.
  5. Cards can be moved to the foundation piles if they are one rank higher and of the same suit as the top card of the foundation pile.
  6. Aces can be placed on empty foundation spots, and the game is won when all cards are moved to the foundation piles in ascending order, from aces to kings.

How to Win in Double Klondike Solitaire

Winning in solitaire Klondike double requires a combination of skill, strategy, and sometimes, a bit of luck. Here are some tips to help you increase your chances of winning in Double Klondike solitaire.

  1. Focus on uncovering and playing the face-down cards in the tableau, as this will give you more options for moves and help you reveal hidden cards.
  2. Be cautious when moving cards to the foundation piles, as you may need them later in the game. Try to keep as many options open as possible.
  3. Use the stockpile strategically. Turn over cards in the stockpile only when you have no other moves available.
  4. Plan your moves carefully and consider the possible consequences of each move. Look for opportunities to create empty columns, but don’t rush to empty a column if you don’t have an available king.

Types of Double Klondike Solitaire

There are several variations of Double Klondike solitaire, each with its unique twist on the classic game. Let’s look at some of the most popular types.

Turn-One Double Klondike Solitaire

In this version, players can turn over one card at a time from the stockpile, allowing for more strategic moves.

Double Klondike Solitaire Games with Jokers

This variation includes two jokers, which can be used as wildcards to replace any card in the game. The jokers can be placed on the tableau or the foundation piles, adding a new layer of strategy and increasing the chances of winning.

Double Easthaven Solitaire

This version of Double Klondike solitaire has seven tableau columns instead of nine, and players can turn over three cards at a time from the stockpile. It also allows for unlimited passes through the stockpile, making it a more lenient variation of the game.

Two-Deck Golf Solitaire

Combining elements of both Double Klondike solitaire and Golf solitaire, this variation challenges players to clear the tableau by moving cards one rank higher or lower than the top card of the waste pile, regardless of the suit.

Final Thoughts

Solitaire Double Klondike is an exciting and challenging variation of the classic card game. By understanding the rules, employing winning strategies, and exploring different types of Double Klondike solitaire, players can enjoy hours of engaging entertainment. Whether you're a seasoned solitaire player or new to the game, Double Klondike solitaire is sure to provide a thrilling and satisfying experience.


Q: What is the difference between original and Double Klondike solitaire?

A: The main difference is that Double Klondike solitaire uses two decks of cards instead of one, resulting in a larger tableau with nine columns and a more complex game. The basic rules and objectives remain the same.

Q: Can I play Double Klondike solitaire online for free?

A: Yes, there are many websites and apps that offer free Double Klondike solitaire games, allowing you to enjoy the challenge of this classic card game without any cost.

Q: Is Double Klondike solitaire more difficult than the original game?

A: While the basic rules are similar, the increased number of cards and tableau columns in Double Klondike solitaire make it more challenging than the original Klondike solitaire. However, it also provides more opportunities for strategic moves and decision-making.

Q: How can I improve my chances of winning in Double Klondike solitaire?

A: Focus on uncovering and playing face-down cards in the tableau, use the stockpile strategically, and carefully plan your moves to create empty columns. It's essential to maintain a balance between moving cards to the foundation piles and keeping options open in the tableau in Double Klondike solitaire.